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Cookies Policy

To ensure the proper functioning of our site and to improve its content browsing, we save a small number of cookies to your computer. An exceptionally large number of websites use these tools in accordance with the applicable regulations, according to the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR, the Law on Implementation of the General Data Protection Act and the Electronic Communications Act. Before you save cookies to your computer, we have to ask for your consent. If you choose not to store cookies to your computer, you can still browse the page, but you will not be able to access some services.


What is cookies role?


The role of cookies you allowed to be store on your computer is to save your preferences, website settings, your preferred language or address. When you visit the same page again after a while, the internet browser you are using sends you information tailored to your needs.

Depending on the defined task, cookies store a wide range of information, including personal information. However, you decide which information the cookies will store. In your browser settings, you can choose if you want to approve or reject cookies requests.

By disabling cookies, you may not be able to use some of the functionalities of the pages you visit.


Types of cookies


Permanent cookies remain on your computer after the Internet browser is closed. Permanent cookies will remain on your computer or mobile device for days, months, even years and have the purpose of storing permanent information such as your username and password so you do not have to re-apply each time you visit the page.

Temporary cookies disappear from the computer after you close the Internet browser. With the help of cookies, temporary data, such as the data you provide when you are online, is stored.

First-party cookies can be permanent or temporary, and store the information you will use again when visiting the pages from which they are stored to your computer.

Third party cookies or so called advertising cookies are stored to your computer if you use ads on the page you are visiting and this page redirects you to a third party. This mode serves to monitor the use of the Internet for marketing purposes.

This page uses cookies to improve user experience, to make sure that the page functions in the context of security and for the purposes of actions the site visitor chooses independently (web form for sending messages or searching for services). Temporary cookies are deleted when you leave the Internet browser. Their only purpose is to enhance the user experience while visiting the site. Permanent cookies have no restrictions and remain in your browser until you manually delete them. The collected data are used for statistical purposes only.

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